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Measurements are the Cornerstones of Control

REDHIMARCAN is an information and control system manages climate, irrigation and soil parameters, individually or as a whole, to monitor greenhouse crops in modern farms. REDHIMARCAN is the state-of-the art computer (nanotechnology, fibre optics, images, connectivity, training, etc.) with multiple sensors instantly provides all current and archived information, to be used to manage intensive crop farming in a Mediterranean climate.

Irrigation and Sustainable Nutrition


Our research over the last two years has led to the development of a tool, IRRIBLUE, that will revolutionise the way we irrigate and fertilise any crop type grown in soil (HIREDSOIL) or substrate (HIREDHYDROPONIC). Using the most reliable sensors and our 30 years of experience in the intensive farming sector, we have created an automated system that collects information about what’s happening around the root in the soil or substrate, as well as data about the plant’s surroundings, in other words, the climate. This new system leads to significant water and fertiliser savings because the amounts used are much more exact and rational, so the irrigation equipment works as effectively as possible. Before we can make decisions, we need information. IRRIBLUE is the tool – the computer – gathers all the information about the plant’s surroundings and passes it on to the technicians and farmers, who can then choose the correct fertiliser dose. The resulting savings mean more profitable and sustainable farming with less pollution.

Moisture control 80%
Drainage control 85%
Saving Nutrients 98%
Saving water 80%
Leak 90%
Pollution 90%
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Tests with prototypes

Tests with prototypes

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