May 6, 2015

We release new web

by Himarcan in News

After a few months of hard work, we finally have our new website.  A change was necessary, because a company that is at the forefront in the farming supply sector, must have a website adapted and updated with the current demand within the network.

Therefore, we offer a site visible and adaptable to almost all the current screen formats (responsive), which will be able to browse and discover what we do, on which we base our work, what kind of products or solutions we offer, the characteristics of our work team or some of the systems of our most important customers. Also, you will find our contact information at the foot of the page, we have also placed a location map, with itinerary to reach up to our address, and, of course, you will be able to contact us using the contact form found at the end. So, without further delay, come and see.

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