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Infoagro Exhibition

Infoagro Exhibition

From tomorrow on May 20 and up to the 22nd, you can visit us at new Infoagro Exhibition. Infoagro is designed so that the farmer is the protagonist and the main part of this event, and may be in contact with all need to increase their farm production. From the organization of the fair want to give great importance to technology and innovation, that’s why lectures on innovation in agriculture will be given. Today the farmer seeks that innovation is normally linked to the savings and from the organization want to give importance to this point of view, because the farmer is the basis of the fair. Infoagro seeks that the auxiliary industry has a basic role in the first edition of Infoagro Exhibition because it is one of the basic agent in this sector and more in the dates in which the event will be held. At our stand, you can, among other things, discover our new control system, REDHIMARCAN and the tools that be made up of, IRRIBLUE, HIREDSOIL and HIREDHYDROPONIC. So we will wait for you in the conference centre of Aguadulce, Almeria.

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