In our experience of over 40 years in the industry we have numerous projects for clients. We have carried out projects for small clients (private farmers) as well as for large clients, including large seed houses (Syngenta, Semillas Fitó, Viveros Brokaw…) or research centers (CSIC, IFAPA…). All of them are satisfied clients who have placed their full trust in our experience and know-how within the agronomy sector. An experience that has brought us to this day and without that trust would not have been possible. All of this makes us continue to mark important differences in the facilities we carry out, providing technologically advanced, integrated and innovative solutions.

In all our projects we design each installation in a personalized way and in accordance with the specific needs of each operation, to achieve the maximum performance at the lowest possible cost. We integrate the coordination of all the technified sensor applications of the greenhouses. In this way, the benefits of the different climate, irrigation, soil and temperature control systems of the greenhouse are used to the maximum and the farmer achieves an increase in the productivity of his crops, while saving costs since, by better controlling the parameters that regulate production need to use less water and fertilizer and generate less waste.

Projects for Clients