April 19, 2016

Conference in SUCA

by Himarcan in News


SUCA encourage to make public tools that provides added value to the output, not only to be products supplier but rationalise implementation mainly on nutrition, fertíliser and water savings and avoid pollution. The three presentations have been based on these premises. More than eighty technicians from prodution groups, commercialisation, research responsible from IFAPA, executives and representatives from Cajamar Foundation (Las Palmerillas), research teams from University Of Almería, from El Ejido and Adra councillorships and laboratory technicians, met up in this conference, that was revealed the interest on research results applied to cut expenses, fertilise reasonably and protect the environment, saving more water and don’t contaminating the aquifers, according to José Manuel Pérez, HIMARCAN manager, expressed, as host of these conferences. HIMARCAN published a computer that give ground physics parameters: humidity, temperature, conductivity, pH and nutrients. REDHIMARCAN is the connectivity with the farm to have controlled the production remotely and have instant information about what is going on into your greenhouse, both on the gorund and the aerial part.

The second conference gave by Antonio Casas, chemist with more than forty years dedicated to agricultural nutrition and analysis, published how to work and transform the HIREDSOIL‘s HIMARCAN system data from probes to the saturation extract traditional system. HIREDSOIL system is predicted as the fertilisation way from the future with instant information.

The third conference is the implementation from the two previous; La mojonera IFAPA as Junta de Andalucía research center is investigating with this system, how to work with different irrigation tensions (courgette and pepper), their productive capacity, nutrition control and not pollution. Rafael Baeza, agronomist, leads the Conecta-SAR project  and he is excited with the results from the practical point of view, because he is researcher, farmer and farmer’s son.

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