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Technology integration in the farming supply sector

Today’s modern farming techniques include irrigation and climate technologies, and ferti-irrigation, moisture control, soil nutrition and climate management systems now play a key role in cultivation under plastic. Effectively combining all the ferti-irrigation and climate control techniques in Mediterranean greenhouses can lead to higher productivity in intensive farming. Since 1978, HIMARCAN has been leading this field, providing technologically advanced, innovative and integrated solutions for all its clients. Thanks to our extensive field experience, we can design custom-made solutions based on the specific needs of each farm, ensuring maximum yields for the lowest possible cost.

Irrigation System 80%
Water and fertiliser 70%
Climate Management 70%
Customer Service 100%
Gardening and Landscape 30%
Research 80%
Training 40%
The cornerstones of our service


We guarantee the quality and profitability of our systems by selecting the irrigation and climate control equipment with the most advanced and reliable technology available (nanotechnology, fibre optics, etc.). Quality is the cornerstone of all of our designs. Our unique irrigation and climate control systems are the only ones of their type available on the market.



Modern intensive farming techniques use measurements such as temperature (ºC), percentage humidity (%H), vapour pressure deficit (VPD in mb), soil moisture (in cb), fertiliser concentration and balance (EC in ds) and presence of chemicals (in mmol). These micro-variations can only be measured using high-precision probes and high-performance monitoring equipment.


The Mediterranean climate provides 80% of the natural conditions required for production. Our systems manage, organise and plan everything to strike the perfect balance, so that farms adapt to their environment, optimising the use of all resources, including climate resources, water and other supplies.

R + D + i

HIMARCAN is constantly evolving, investigating the latest techniques and products to promote profitablesustainable farming methods, and always keeping costs down. We have taken our place at the forefront of research with new products that will allow farming to take a qualitative leap into the future:

  • New technologies REDHIMARCAN
  • Soil development HIREDSOIL
  • Hydroponic control HIREDHYDROPONIC
  • Complete control IRRIBLUE
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What We Do


From the simplest irrigation facilities for farmers to the largest and most complex in Research Centers, through experience in climate management in intensive agricultural operations, extensive professional experience in irrigation systems and maintenance of landscaped areas, sports facilities, urbanizations residential or gardens for private housing. Our success is based on knowledge and experience, on the union between agronomic engineering, hydraulics, electricity and electronics, together with a careful attention made by a team of technical specialists, ensuring the full satisfaction of our customers on the preventive, installation service and after-sales, being this the endorsement to realize unique, versatile and safe projects.



Since we settled in the Almeria countryside, in the early 80’s, we have been creating a clients portfolio whose trust have been building over the years. From simple production units of a few hectares to more complex and complete facilities in research centers, through famous seed biotechnology companies, agricultural testing centers, universities, self-managed production units (production, packaging and marketing), nurseries, hotels… As noteworthy names, we find Semillas Fitó, Western Seeds, De Ruiter Seeds, Monsanto, Brokaw Nurseries, Ensagri SL, Tecnova Foundation, University of Almeria, Agrícola Vasán, Acrena SAT, Wageningen University, Romera Bonilla SL, ….



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