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Technology integration in the farming supply sector

Today’s modern farming techniques include irrigation and climate technologies, and ferti-irrigation, moisture control, soil nutrition and climate management systems now play a key role in cultivation under plastic. Effectively combining all the ferti-irrigation and climate control techniques in Mediterranean greenhouses can lead to higher productivity in intensive farming. Since 1978, HIMARCAN has been leading this field, providing technologically advanced, innovative and integrated solutions for all its clients. Thanks to our extensive field experience, we can design custom-made solutions based on the specific needs of each farm, ensuring maximum yields for the lowest possible cost.

Irrigation System 80%
Water and fertiliser 70%
Climate Management 70%
Customer Service 100%
Gardening and Landscape 30%
Research 80%
Training 40%
The cornerstones of our service


We guarantee the quality and profitability of our systems by selecting the irrigation and climate control equipment with the most advanced and reliable technology available (nanotechnology, fibre optics, etc.). Quality is the cornerstone of all of our designs. Our unique irrigation and climate control systems are the only ones of their type available on the market.



Modern intensive farming techniques use measurements such as temperature (ºC), percentage humidity (%H), vapour pressure deficit (VPD in mb), soil moisture (in cb), fertiliser concentration and balance (EC in ds) and presence of chemicals (in mmol). These micro-variations can only be measured using high-precision probes and high-performance monitoring equipment.


The Mediterranean climate provides 80% of the natural conditions required for production. Our systems manage, organise and plan everything to strike the perfect balance, so that farms adapt to their environment, optimising the use of all resources, including climate resources, water and other supplies.

R + D + i

HIMARCAN is constantly evolving, investigating the latest techniques and products to promote profitablesustainable farming methods, and always keeping costs down. We have taken our place at the forefront of research with new products that will allow farming to take a qualitative leap into the future:

  • New technologies REDHIMARCAN
  • Soil development HIREDSOIL
  • Hydroponic control HIREDHYDROPONIC
  • Complete control IRRIBLUE
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HIMARCAN was first established as an irrigation system installer. From the simplest systems for small-scale farms, to complex projects for research centres, our systems are well-organised, innovative and tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of each and every one of our clients. Our success lies in our knowledge and experience, and we combine hydraulic, electrical and electronic equipment to provide unique, versatile and safe systems. Here at HIMARCAN, we are very aware of how important water is for plants but also for people. In the Mediterranean climate of Spain and neighbouring countries, water is absolutely essential. Our high-precision equipment and systems are designed so that they don’t waste a single drop, and can recycle or reuse treated water. Irrigation water can also be used to provide additional substances to plants, delivering humic acids, rooting hormones, fungicides, natural products and so on. And the plants’ nutritional needs are met thanks to computer programs capable of calculating fertiliser, conductivity and pH balances for up to 30 different crops.

Climate Control

With the introduction of beneficial insects for pest control, improved structures and the need for higher yields per plant, climate control in greenhouses is more important than ever. Since 1996, HIMARCAN has been accumulating vast experience in climate management on intensive farms, providing and installing equipment for ventilation and air humidity, as well as shade screens, warm air and water heating systems, fans, extractors and excess moisture control systems. It is often necessary to homogenise the air inside a Mediterranean-climate greenhouse to prevent layers of different temperatures or humidity levels. Warm air heating systems sometimes help to guarantee yields.

Customer Service

The precision, effectiveness and safety of the systems we install mean that they have a long service life, far beyond that of those of our competitors, guaranteeing increased yields and rapid return on investment. Thanks to the attention to detail of our team of specialists in agronomy, hydraulics, electrics and electronics, our customers are always completely satisfied with our installation, preventative maintenance and after-sales services. Our maintenance contracts and periodical services by specialist technicians mean that our systems are safer and functional for longer. By checking and servicing motors, control panels, filters, drippers, computers and EC and pH probes at the beginning and end of each season, we can ensure that everything is safe and avoid any unwanted surprises.

Gardening and landscaping

HIMARCAN has extensive professional experience in installing and maintaining irrigation systems in private gardens, sports fields, parks, and garden areas in housing estates. By providing a tailor-made design for each system, ensuring optimum sprinkler distribution, using the most appropriate equipment and programming the system correctly, we can guarantee sustainable maintenance with minimal water consumption in public and private green spaces.




We design complete, integrated turn-key solutions for all your irrigation, climate, moisture control and soil and substrate nutrition needs. Our vast experience in the field makes us agronomy experts, so we can plan the best irrigation systems for greenhouses, hydroponic facilities, orchards, nurseries and seedbeds, as well as designs for research centres with customised irrigation and climate control systems.



A good hydraulic design is the linchpin of any fully functional irrigation system. We need to select the right equipment to fit the requirements of each system: the best pump, filters, pipes, suitable drippers for each soil and crop, and so on. We have everything you need for a hydraulic system that meets the most demanding technical and agronomic requirements.



Calculating electricity consumption, optimising electrical power, automating operations and tailoring them to the irrigation and climate control computer, providing manual and automatic control panels and designing the cabling for all the system operations and power supply is a complex task that not all installers are able to do. Precise design is essential for synchronised system operation.



The electronic systems now used in farming offer a wide range of control possibilities. Irrigation systems with comprehensive monitoring of all parameters, and climate equipment with high-precision probes to monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, sunlight, windows, shading, heating, etc. Innovative electronics with the latest management programs in irrigation, climate control and soil and substrate information.

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Blasmira S.L.

Blasmira S.L.

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Ensagri S.L.

Ensagri S.L.

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Romera Bonilla S.L.

Romera Bonilla S.L.

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Lojube S.L.

Lojube S.L.

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What's new


Conference in SUCA

Conference in SUCA

SUCA GATHER INTO THEIR FACILITIES A LARGE TECHNICIANS AND RESEARCHERS GROUP SUCA encourage to make public tools that provides added value to the output, not only to be products supplier but rationalise implementation mainly on nutrition, fertíliser and water savings and avoid pollution. The three presentations have been based on these premises. More than eighty technicians from prodution groups,…
II National Horticultural Engineering Symposium

II National Horticultural Engineering Symposium

Himarcan has participated in the II National Horticultural Engineering Symposium, held at the University Of Almería and at Cajamar Foundation's Butterflies' House. This symposium belongin to Engineering Section of Sociedad Española de Ciencias Hortícolas (SECH) is dedicated to the automation and TICs that open a wide range in I+D+i. The tools that we have presented are…
Presentation at Cajamar Foundation

Presentation at Cajamar Foundation

HIMARCAN reveals in Cajamar Foundation, in Las Palmerillas center, the REDHIMARCAN tool. The I+D+i developed has resulted to have an instant measure with humidity, conductivity and pH sensors, getting information directly from the soil, establishing guides and action for accurate irrigation and controlled fertilization. IRRIBLUE is a computer that interrelates the environmental control of the plant…
Representative of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment visits Himarcan

Representative of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment visits Himarcan

The territorial representative of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment  has visited our company to quailify the results of our I+D+i project, supported by Junta de Andalucía, funded by IDEA agency in 2012 with 63.2516 € from an investment of more than 206.000 €. Mr. José Manuel Pérez explained REDHIMARCAN, IRRIBLUE, HIREDSOIL and HIREDHYDROPONIC tools to representative Mr. Miguel Ángel Tortosa. HIMARCAN has developed the complete connection in…
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